Colin o. Chandler

Doctoral Candidate Colin Orion Chandler is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program awardee and Presidential Fellow at Northern Arizona University (NAU). Colin works on two primary projects (exoplanet atmospheres and active asteroids) and has several other ongoing collaborations. Colin models planetary atmospheres with advisor Ty Robinson and Other Worlds Laboratory (OWL) director Jonathan Fortney (University of California Santa Cruz) with the goal of helping scientists identify and characterize potentially habitable worlds. With advisor Chad Trujillo (NAU) Colin leads a search for comet-like asteroids (a.k.a. “active asteroids”) which hold important clues about solar system water distribution and the origins of terrestrial water. Other projects include lightcurve analyses with Cristina Thomas (NAU) for the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Planetary Defense mission, serendipitous object science with the Flagstaff Robotic Survey Telescope (FRoST) with David Trilling (NAU), and the Habitable Zone Gallery with Stephen Kane (University of California Riverside) and Dawn Gelino (NASA Exoplanet Science Institute).

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